RLC Sees a Substantial Nevada Lithium Find Coming into View

Having lined up three cornerstone lithium projects in Nevada earlier this year, ASX junior Reedy Lagoon (ASX:RLC) has kicked off drilling operations at its Columbus Salt Marsh Project.

Can Drill-ready Lithium Brine ASX Junior Step Out of $15.8BN Albemarle’s Shadow?

One tightly held ASX-listed junior seems to be well-briefed with regards to the growing opportunity in lithium (specifically in Nevada) and last year secured three highly prospective lithium projects in the region.

ASX-listed Early-Bloomer Sets up Basecamp in Tesla’s Backyard

Our overlooked commodity-gatherer is also emulating existing industry giants such as SQM, Rio Tinto and GSC. It’s rubbing shoulders with the key customers too — battery manufacturers who need lithium in Tesla’s backyard in Nevada, USA.

The Energy Metal You Have Never Heard Of: Demand Set to Increase by 800%

You’re probably pretty well-versed in the rich applications for cobalt and nickel, especially in relation to greener energy and the rise of electric cars, but you might not have heard of scandium, a lesser-known metal.

Two Pronged ASX Developer Attacking Future Proof Lithium and Potash Markets

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past two years, you will no doubt have heard about the upswing in demand for lithium. In terms of valuations amongst lithium explorers, lithium prices and final end-users of lithium — all aspects of the lithium supply chain have experienced significant growth.

LIT Produces Battery Grade Lithium Carbonate Ahead of Mexican Drilling

Tesla founder, Elon Musk is concerned that there won’t be enough lithium available to meet Tesla’s demand. And that’s while the full potential of lithium-ion batteries is still in its early stages – in coming years uses of the technology have the potential to skyrocket. So, if lithium supply is to keep up with demand, new sources of lithium and cost-efficient technologies to extract the metal are crucial. Lithium Australia (ASX: LIT) plans to help solve both of these issues.

Next Stop, PFS? GSC Completes Initial Drilling at Lithium-Boron Project

There’s currently only one lithium mine in production in the US… leaving a pretty wide open market for a company that can compete on asking price. Which is exactly what Global Geoscience (ASX: GSC) plan to do via its Rhyolite Ridge lithium-boron play – one of the largest lithium-boron deposits in the US and just 340km (of paved road) from Tesla’s gigafactory.

This ASX Stock has One of the Largest Lithium Deposits in the USA: Just 340km from Tesla

With worldwide demand for lithium showing no signs of slowing, a cost-effective and abundant supply to a growing market could set up a small cap mining play for many years to come. The state of Nevada, USA presents fertile ground for lithium and today’s ASX listed company is hoping to share in the spoils, with its advanced lithium JORC resource and an added boron kicker.

PAK Galvanises Coal Portfolio for Cyclical Resurgence

The commodities swansong is back on the hymn sheet. If we look at the staple commodities that have propelled countries like Australia to the top of the commodity-exporter stakes (coal, iron ore, zinc, gold) — they have all stabilised their swan dives since 2014 and are now creeping back to the forefront of investor attention.

LIT Team Up with PLS on Lithium Extraction

The Pilbara region in WA is being tipped in some quarters as being the scene of yet another mining boom. Not quite on the scale of the iron ore boom just yet, but something special is happening in the red dust near Port Hedland – it’s lithium, and lots of it. No other company typifies the rapid rise more than Pilbara Minerals Ltd (ASX:PLS), one of the shining lights of the resource space at the moment, currently capped at $560M – a stock which has been up as high as 2,000% in the last year alone.

Lithium Drilling to Start Any Day Now: BGS has Raised $3M and is Primed

Birimian Gold (ASX:BGS) must be just days away from kicking off a 5,000m lithium drilling campaign in Mali. This $50M capped company is chasing lithium grades higher than more established players such as Galaxy Resources, Altura Mining, Pilbara Minerals, and Neometals to name a few.

Lithium Race Expands to Africa: ASX Explorer Secures High Grade Lithium Asset

The current lithium boom has dawned on the ASX investment community. Lithium-ion batteries are sweeping across the world – being installed in mobile phones, laptops, electric cars and domestic energy storage solutions worldwide. Analyst estimates vary on the scale of the lithium boom but they do not vary on its validity.

First Mover LIT to Feed Insatiable Lithium Demand?

In the last few months, LIT has developed its very own proprietary leaching technology – reducing the need to license from a third party, and has become more involved in upstream exploration, picking up new projects and bringing back promising numbers from others.

Tesla Strike Lithium Deal: To Source From Ground Directly Next to LIT?

LIT may well be on the radar of electric car maker Tesla Motors, as that company moves to secure lithium for its global lithium-ion battery roll out.

The Largest Australian Graphite Resource? It Belongs to AXE

AXE is currently in talks with potential offtake partners about striking a deal, and has even gone as far as sending samples to cashed-up overseas investors to run the rule over (or the microscope).

Is China’s Graphite Dominance Walking the Plank?

This ASX explorer has found a way to produce battery grade graphite without the need for jumbo flake sizes or expensive processing methods to produce synthetic graphite.

Lithium Project Fast Tracked by EMH: World’s Biggest Hard Rock Resource?

Lithium explorer European Metals Holdings (ASX:EMH) is working smarter, not just harder. EMH’s Cinovec Project in the Czech Republic is huge – it’s in the top four global hard rock lithium deposits on the planet, with an inferred resource 5.5Mt LCE (lithium carbonate equivalent). Then there is the exploration target of 3.4-5.3Mt LCE – if […]

ASX Company to Dominate Global Lithium Market?

The world seems to be going crazy for lithium right now. Almost every carmaker from Mercedes Benz to Toyota is either selling or developing an electric car, powered by a lithium ion battery. Even global innovator Apple is planning an electric car… Not content with just revolutionising the way our cars run, Tesla recently released […]

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