Turning Coal Green: ASX Stock Sends Wheat Yields Up 300%

Imagine revitalising the coal industry and disrupting the agriculture market all in one fell swoop. That is the extent of this ASX listed stock’s ambitions. This ASX company plans to make money and fertiliser out of Australia’s vast coal reserves. And they plan to make it happen in seconds and to produce zero emissions from doing so.

US$ 20M Backing from Elite Financier: “Super Steel” Project Funded All the Way to Construction

“Space age” steel is about to go mainstream. There is one metal which steel makers know makes their product stronger AND lighter. It’s not easy to get your hands on it – there are just three producers in the world and it fetches $40,000 / tonne. It’s Niobium (Nb)… Although Niobium is rare, its properties […]

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