AXE’s Critical Minerals Could be Vital for Australia’s Future?

Archer (ASX:AXE) has the minerals and technological capability to impact global industries including electric vehicles.

AXE Looks Downstream With ‘Near-Perfect’ Graphite

Archer Exploration (ASX:AXE) is at the forefront of not one, but three, emerging tech trends in graphene and is shaping as a key supplier of the building blocks underpinning that tech development in Australia.

Graphite Resource Tonnage Leader BKT Looks to Capitalise on Emerging Market

Graphite, the commodity best known for its use in pencils is now moving exclusively into what looks to be a remarkable future built on modern technology. One company that is keen to participate in graphite’s future is Black Rock Mining (ASX:BKT).

AXE Acquisition Could Lead to Vertically Integrated Graphite Operation

Archer Exploration (ASX:AXE) has spent the past two years preparing for the dawn of graphene as a mainstream product.

FGR Unveil the BEST Battery: One Tenth the Weight, Super Quick Recharge

Graphite has been parsing everyone’s lips (and some investors’ portfolios) over the past year or two, now that this once simple pencil-dwelling mineral is being rejigged and recomposed into lithium-ion batteries.

ASX Company Looks to Turn Graphene into a Commercial Reality

Nearly all graphite exploration companies are focusing on flake graphite and their concentration is on “large flake size”. There is, however, another potentially more lucrative, and definitely speedier path to market. One ASX company has developed a neat way to commercialise high-grade vein graphite that will be more applicable in industrial manufacturing uses, than as a wonder material to be used in glitzy gadgets or electric cars.

PAK Galvanises Coal Portfolio for Cyclical Resurgence

The commodities swansong is back on the hymn sheet. If we look at the staple commodities that have propelled countries like Australia to the top of the commodity-exporter stakes (coal, iron ore, zinc, gold) — they have all stabilised their swan dives since 2014 and are now creeping back to the forefront of investor attention.

PAK Move to Graphene: An Aussie First in Taking this Nano Material from Lab to Industry?

With almost endless applications of the nano-material ‘graphene’ – a one atom thick layer of graphite; it’s a smart play for an ASX listed junior to take a major shareholding in a leading graphene technology development company. That’s exactly what Pacific American Coal (ASX:PAK) is doing, having taken a 20% stake in the Warwick Grigor […]

AXE’s Australian Graphite Delivers 99.9% Pure Graphene

Archer Exploration (ASX:AXE) holds the largest single resource of graphite in Australia, its graphite play could prove a gold medal winning one.

The Largest Australian Graphite Resource? It Belongs to AXE

AXE is currently in talks with potential offtake partners about striking a deal, and has even gone as far as sending samples to cashed-up overseas investors to run the rule over (or the microscope).

Is China’s Graphite Dominance Walking the Plank?

This ASX explorer has found a way to produce battery grade graphite without the need for jumbo flake sizes or expensive processing methods to produce synthetic graphite.

8 Million Tonnes of Flake Graphite Just Acquired by WMN

Western Mining Network (ASX:WMN) has changed its graphite game. It’s just acquired its first JORC resource – 8 million tonnes of flake graphite – in a straight up and down deal that will see it take over an advanced Indonesian graphite developer in exchange for 25 million shares. Flake graphite is a key ingredient in […]

WMN Enters Graphene Technology Race

Graphene is just one atom thick – yet it’s 200 times stronger than steel by weight. This high tech material formed from graphite can be sculpted into any shape and is more conductive than copper. The global market for graphene is predicted to be worth over $200M by 2026 – but graphene use is so […]

ASX Explorer in Pole Position as Electric Cars Spark Graphite Rush

You used it every day back in primary school to draw and write with. But right now, this substance is helping to write the future of the human race as a key ingredient in the batteries powering the global electric car revolution. The Next Mining Boom has recently invested in an ASX listed company who […]

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