Graphite Godfather’s Asian Power Play

Jun 03, 2015

How can one ASX listed graphite company be so well connected? The Next Mining Boom’s latest portfolio addition is driven largely by a set of powerful and influential folk, that we are more than happy to share our investment with. The Top 20 shareholders hold over 80% of the stock in this company… The company’s […]

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ASX Junior to Unleash 100koz pa Gold Machine: Funding Now Secured

May 21, 2015

We had been watching this company for the last few years as it steadily amassed its gold resources in outback Western Australia… The only thing missing was how they would fund the upfront capital costs. That’s all just changed with the company revealing a $38.5M funding deal – enough to take this company through to […]

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Tesla Reveal the Powerwall as EMH Reveal Low Cost Lithium Production Plans

May 04, 2015

We already knew European Metals (ASX:EMH) are sitting on the fourth largest hard rock lithium resource in the world. Now, a Scoping Study hot of the press has indicated that EMH should be able to produce battery grade lithium carbonate for less than $2,000 USD/tonne – which could make it the lowest cost producer in […]

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MRQ Drilling in Weeks on 9Moz Gold Equivalent Exploration Target

Apr 23, 2015

MRG Metals (ASX:MRQ) is now just weeks away from giving its potentially game-changing ‘Sasak’ exploration technology a true road test. Through its partnership with Sasak Minerals, MRQ has been able to utilise proprietary exploration technology to analyse and model over 10 Terabytes (TB) of geological data, in order to select high potential ground across Australia. […]

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Electric Cars Need This: ASX Junior’s Billion Tonne Potential

Apr 19, 2015

Tesla’s electric car sales are up 55% from last year… With a current market cap of $26BN USD, Tesla is widely tipped to be the first company to take electric cars to the masses. Rumours abound that software giant Apple, after revolutionising home computers, phones and watches, wants to make electric cars also. Richard Branson […]

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NSL Makes $230k in First Iron Ore Sale: More to Come

Oct 23, 2014

NSL Consolidated (ASX:NSL) has just done what BHP, Rio Tinto and Brazil’s Vale have so far tried and failed to do. It’s sold Indian iron ore from its own mining and processing operation in the country – 5,000 tonnes of +45% Fe at an ex mine gate price of $46 a tonne… That’s $230,000 straight […]

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Over 4,000m of Nickel Drilling Set to Begin in Days by SGQ

Oct 03, 2014

St George Mining Ltd (ASX:SGQ) are gearing up for another major nickel drilling push at East Laverton in Western Australia – an area that could potentially become another Fraser Range. At East Laverton, SGQ’s ground is under explored, it’s the right geological setting for nickel deposits, it’s got a strike length over 130km within 3 […]

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Drilling Underway for AON: Hunting Mammoth IOCG Targets

Oct 02, 2014

Apollo Minerals (ASX:AON) could be days away from finding a Prominent Hill style IOCG deposit. They are in the midst of RC and diamond drilling with results due any day now at AON’s Mars Aurora project. At the EagleHawk project, drilling is ongoing. In total, a number of IOCG targets are being probed with a […]

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HMX Hit Giant Copper Moly Intersections – Follow Up Drilling Shortly

Sep 29, 2014

Hammer Metals (ASX:HMX) has just made some truly significant intersections of copper, molybdenum and rhenium from its flagship asset, Kalman. HMX’s Kalman sits in the star studded Queensland Mt Isa mining region. With latest intersections like 62m at 0.65% molybdenum and 11.4g/t rhenium, which equates to a copper equivalent of 62m at 4.3%, HMX have […]

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NSL Now Producing: Imminent Sale of Stockpiles

Sep 10, 2014

The NSL cash generating machine has turned on. Their dry beneficiation plant has re-started, and NSL are expecting free cash flow of $200k/month, ramping up to $530k/month shortly after. All this in an $8M market cap company. NSL are currently producing a 52% Fe finished product from a 28% Fe feed grade. By selling this […]

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Drilling Results in Days: Billionaire Backer Hunting Mammoth IOCG Deposits with Tiny Explorer

Aug 21, 2014

IOCG. These four letters stand for Iron-Oxide-Copper-Gold and add up to create some of the biggest mineral resources of precious metals on the planet. Nestled in the Gawler Craton in South Australia sits the prefect breeding ground for these enormous resources, which can hold vast quantities of gold, copper, silver and uranium. Notable recent discoveries […]

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High Grade Graphite Continues to Emerge – BUX’s Final Drill Results Due Any Day Now

Aug 20, 2014

The true extent of Buxton Resources (ASX:BUX) high grade graphite resource is starting to become more apparent… Results from 11 holes have been released and there are 7 more to go… soon we should know a lot more about their high grade Australian graphite resource. The last time we looked BUX had high grade graphite […]

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Tiny Miner’s First Sales Days Away: Stockpiles Waiting to Be Processed, Delivering Instant Cash Flow

Aug 14, 2014

Brazil’s Vale has tried and failed. The Australian giant, BHP, saw its hopes fall flat. Rio Tinto is still battling red tape. The majors have struggled, but one tiny $5M capped company is succeeding in a place where so many have failed. We’re talking about India – the eighth largest economy in the world – […]

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ASX Junior with Exclusive Exploration Technology – Drilling Shortly

Aug 11, 2014

There are dozens of Fraser Range nickel explorers now, all hunting for the next big thing. Add to those the scores of other junior explorers scouring the rest of the country, desperately hoping for a “lucky strike”. The chances of a lucky strike are getting slimmer, because most of the truly epic scale metal deposits […]

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ASX Explorer in Pole Position as Electric Cars Spark Graphite Rush

Jul 11, 2014

You used it every day back in primary school to draw and write with. But right now, this substance is helping to write the future of the human race as a key ingredient in the batteries powering the global electric car revolution. The Next Mining Boom has recently invested in an ASX listed company who […]

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US$ 20M Backing from Elite Financier: “Super Steel” Project Funded All the Way to Construction

Jul 01, 2014

“Space age” steel is about to go mainstream. There is one metal which steel makers know makes their product stronger AND lighter. It’s not easy to get your hands on it – there are just three producers in the world and it fetches $40,000 / tonne. It’s Niobium (Nb)… Although Niobium is rare, its properties […]

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BHP Gives Away Potential Global Scale Nickel Project – Tiny Company Drilling Now

May 22, 2014

The discovery of a brand new mining province. It’s what all investors, including ourselves, dream of. We have been alerted to a company hoping to discover a brand new Australian nickel province. We all know about Sirius Resources and the Fraser Range – Sirius had a market cap of $8 million at the time of […]

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Junior Explorer Wedged Between Majors in Famous Aussie Mining Region

Apr 04, 2014

The BIGGEST metals mining region… MULTIPLE Super-Majors. One of THE LARGEST land positions. One “junior” exploration company…? Hold on a second, how does a $14 million company own a dominant land portfolio that would impress even the biggest miners in the world?

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