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With an imminent maiden drill programme now in sight and $3.5 million in the bank, Ram Resources (ASX:RMR) is moving with haste to deliver an expanded JORC resource.

The upcoming drilling is aimed at expanding the initial zinc Resource at its Keel Zinc Project in Ireland – one of the most metals-rich zones in the world.

RMR has made its move with Zinc prices consistently moving upwards since the end of 2015, making it a great time to potentially move on its commercialisation ambitions.

RMR will be conducting several Resource drilling programmes, looking for additional extensions to known areas of mineralisation and hopefully, shifting increasingly more ore from the Inferred to Indicated to Measured categories.

RMR has a big few months coming up.

The company is set to start its Scoping Study by June 2017, which will lead to the establishment of an expanded JORC Resource in September, meaning the next few months should be rife with news.

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So with money in the bank and drilling about to begin, we could see tangible results over the coming months as its maiden drilling programme moves into action, and RMR heads towards completion of its scoping study and commencement of its PFS by the end of the year.

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Freshly Funded Ram on Track to Start Drilling

Freshly Funded Ram on Track to Start Drilling

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