Black Rock Mining ( ASX:BKT )

Black Rock Mining Limited (ASX:BKT) is ready to bring its Pilot Plant 1 online at the largest high-grade flake graphite Resource in Tanzania – the Mahenge Graphite Project.

BKT also has solid plans for infill drilling and bulk sampling for Pilot Plant 2 to be carried out shortly, with validation of this extraordinary asset just around the corner.

BKT has taken a Crawl, Walk, Run strategy to get to this point and it looks to be paying off.

It is now at a size where it’s ready to tackle the high calibre and quantity of graphite it is expecting to uncover at its site — the development has a pre-production capex of only US$90 million.

Mid-last year BKT announced its Tanzanian graphite project had a valuation of US$905 million – or A$1.2 billion – with 16.6 million tonnes (Mt) of graphite sitting in its soil.

In December 2017, it completed a DFS which showed that Mahenge contains nearly 16Mt of graphite at an average grade of 7.8% Total Graphitic Carbon (TGC), along with a high grade proportion of 25Mt at 8.6% TGC.

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BKT is a small exploration company with a lot of upside.

And a MOU with Japanese conglomerate Meiwa Corporation, a graphite product user, gives BKT an entry into the global lithium-ion battery market, with potentially more blue sky ahead.

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Black Rock Mining Limited (ASX:BKT) is ready to bring a pilot plant online at the largest high-grade flake graphite Resource in Tanzania.