American Pacific Borate and Lithium Limited ( ASX:ABR )

Having completed a confirmatory borate drilling programme, a Scoping Study, and proven a JORC-compliant Resource at its Fort Cady Borate and Lithium Project in southern California, American Pacific Borate & Lithium (ASX:ABR) is racing ahead in its goal to become a crucial player in the energy-storage market.

ABR has hit several milestones recently including an upgraded JORC resource just this week.

Further to that it has completed a confirmatory borate drilling programme and a Scoping Study and is working towards the completion of its Definitive Feasibility Study (DFS) to be completed during the second half of 2018 on its path towards commercialisation.

In fact 2018, should see ABR’s news flow turn into a flood as it aims for production in 2019.

The upgraded JORC Resource should have an impact on its path forward. The JORC has undergone a significant upgrade, with the latest showing an increase in tonnes and grades.

So too should the steady progress on its pilot plant test work which is on track for completion in March, just weeks from now. Upgrades to the pilot plant are being made that will be beneficial to the construction of the initial commercial scale operations.

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ABR could be considered an overlooked junior that is trying to emulate existing industry giants such as SQM and Rio Tinto. Where ABR could stand out is its Fort Cady Project is the largest known contained borate occurrence in the world that’s not owned by the two major borate producers Rio Tinto and Eti Maden.

If exploration continues to go to plan, ABR stands a great chance of finding its commercial feet.

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