This ASX Stock has One of the Largest Lithium Deposits in the USA: Just 340km from Tesla

Dec 15, 2016

With worldwide demand for lithium showing no signs of slowing, a cost-effective and abundant supply to a growing market could set up a small cap mining play for many years to come. The state of Nevada, USA presents fertile ground for lithium and today’s ASX listed company is hoping to share in the spoils, with its advanced lithium JORC resource and an added boron kicker.

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Blue Chip Backed BKY on Track to Become One of the World’s Biggest Uranium Producers

Nov 25, 2016

A demand for cleaner sources of energy and a reduction in emissions has led to an increase in the adoption of alternative energy sources. One such source is nuclear power, which is dependent on uranium – a currently somewhat ‘unloved’ metal in the commodity world – but who knows for how much longer.

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$8M Aussie Gold & Silver Stock with Projected $100M Free Cash Flow

Nov 22, 2016

Despite a slight retracement recently, gold has boomed since the beginning of the year reaching an all-time high of AU$1,816 per ounce in July. Whether gold continues its significant bull run remains to be seen, however what we do know is that as uncertainty builds around the world both politically and economically…

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BGS Has One of the Highest Grade Hard Rock Lithium Deposits in the World

Nov 14, 2016

In the last 12 months, lithium and gold seem to have taken the mantle as the dynamic duo – the Batman and Robin – of the commodity sector. While demand continues to surge for lithium on the back of the new energy storage boom led by Tesla, Samsung and many other major battery manufacturers who are desperate to shore up lithium supply, gold has also been an investor favourite of late.

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AGR’s Phosphate Resource Set to Deliver Value Uplift?

Nov 09, 2016

Just last month, we brought you an intriguing agribusiness enabler. Since then this company has been busy inserting itself into the southern Brazilian agriculture sector in a bid to capitalise on the growing demand for phosphate fertiliser in the expanding agriculture sector in Brazil.

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EUR is Drilling Right Now: Updated Resource Due in Coming Weeks

Nov 02, 2016

European Lithium (ASX: EUR) holds an advanced lithium resource in Europe – and is one stock for investors to consider who are looking for leverage to the lithium theme, with an already well advanced resource. EUR’s JORC compliant resource in Austria currently stands at 3.7 mt inferred at 1.5% Li2O at a 0.75% Li2O cut off, and the company is looking to expand this considerably over the coming weeks.

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BLK Pours First Gold: Australia’s Newest Gold Producer

Oct 31, 2016

Gold is currently one of the most investor-friendly commodity plays out there. Gold prices, gold producers and gold demand, are all raising their game at the same time, and providing junior gold companies like Blackham Resources (ASX:BLK) with the nutrition to flourish. BLK could not have really timed its run any better, as it is now official – BLK is Australia’s newest gold producer.

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ASX Stock Ramping up Production in Premium Quality Mineral Sands

Oct 25, 2016

Volumes have been written on the applications of minerals such as lithium, graphite and cobalt in the modern world, much of it based around an acceleration in the production of long life batteries and the proliferation of electric vehicles. However there is a particular type of mineral sand being produced right now by a relatively small ASX stock that is at the heart of an even wider range of innovation and technological developments.

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ASX Stock Hones in on Graphite and Lithium to Supply Advanced Asian Battery Market

Oct 17, 2016

South Korea is the world’s largest lithium ion battery manufacturer, home to high tech companies such as Samsung, Hyundai and LG. However, the country has very little in the way of local graphite or lithium resources to supply battery manufacturers… One ASX explorer, capped at less than $9 million, is focussed on changing this situation in South Korea, with a large and growing portfolio of graphite and lithium projects – two essential ingredients in lithium ion batteries.

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ASX Company Looks to Turn Graphene into a Commercial Reality

Oct 14, 2016

Nearly all graphite exploration companies are focusing on flake graphite and their concentration is on “large flake size”. There is, however, another potentially more lucrative, and definitely speedier path to market. One ASX company has developed a neat way to commercialise high-grade vein graphite that will be more applicable in industrial manufacturing uses, than as a wonder material to be used in glitzy gadgets or electric cars.

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Phosphate Monopoly for ASX Stock in Global Food Bowl?

Oct 06, 2016

One tightly held ASX listed phosphate company is on the verge of holding a local supply monopoly for this key fertilizer ingredient in one of the world’s largest agricultural countries, Brazil. Agriculture plays a key role in Brazil’s economy, with 20% of its GDP in 2015 derived from agriculture, with exports now totalling US$175BN.

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ASX Stock Secures $30M on Path to Build Australia’s First Heavy Rare Earths Mine

Oct 05, 2016

Today’s ASX company has the pedigree to take a serious bite out of the lucrative rare earths market — and the cherry on top is that this company has formulated its audacious plan right here in Australia. Some of the standout features in this junior are that it has an MoU for an offtake agreement in place, $30M in funding has been secured and its JORC’d and DFS’d flagship project is rated as ‘best-in-class’ on quantity and grade – with some estimates suggesting this project’s mining life could reach beyond 100 years on the back of its promising exploration targets.

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ASX Stock Set for Spanish Bull Run with Uranium Production

Sep 29, 2016

Are we about to see a recovery in the uranium price over the coming years? With US utilities set to re-contract in 2018, and Chinese and Indian new reactor demand set to surge, one dual listed (ASX and AIM) stock has timed its run into uranium production well. This company is set to begin mining uranium by the end of 2018 – just as analysts are forecasting a rebound.

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The Surge in Euro Battery Plants Begins: ASX Stock in the Box Seat for Lithium Supply

Sep 20, 2016

With demand for lithium rising in Europe, but a dearth of local supply, one smart ASX lithium explorer has set up shop there in order to exploit growing local demand. This very tightly held ASX listed company, currently with only 156 million shares tradeable, aims to do this through a wholly owned project in the very safe and stable jurisdiction of Austria.

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PAK Galvanises Coal Portfolio for Cyclical Resurgence

Sep 19, 2016

The commodities swansong is back on the hymn sheet. If we look at the staple commodities that have propelled countries like Australia to the top of the commodity-exporter stakes (coal, iron ore, zinc, gold) — they have all stabilised their swan dives since 2014 and are now creeping back to the forefront of investor attention.

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KBL’s Gold Production Exceeds Expectations

Aug 17, 2016

This article has been removed from our website. Since the article was published, KBL Mining (ASX:KBL) has gone into administration, and the content of the article is no longer current. For any enquiries please email [email protected]

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CXX On Track to Enter Niobium Market: Could Contribute 6% of World Supply?

Aug 16, 2016

Cradle Resources (ASX:CXX) is a mining company going the extra mile by not only picking up its Project at the right time, but also, picking up a Project that is directly leveraged to the sci-fi age we now live in. To date, CXX has quietly gone about making exploration progress for a relatively unknown metal called Niobium – a key component of metals alloys that facilitate steel production and used in highly-specialised functions such as particle accelerators and jet engines.

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LIT Continues to Buy up Ground: Takes Two Pronged Assault on Lithium Market

Aug 12, 2016

One of the great things for Aussie investors is that Australia as a nation is likely to revel in a lithium-powered future given its strong domestic endowment. Yet the country needs technology and expertise to make the most of its resources, particularly in Western Australia and potentially Queensland.

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